Academy of Success for mid life entrepreneurs
Learning from another's experience is always easier
Mid-Life entrepreneurship can be exceptionally rewarding and profitable and having two very successful global business developers in your corner only makes life that little easier.

Introducing Success is a member driven learning academy. It is focussed on helping people between the ages of 40 and 65 to reinvent their mid life.

If you are contemplating a change and considering some new and exciting business endevaours this course is for you.

The coaches, Mark Jennings-Bates and Andre Voskuil live a life that many aspire to. Running multiple global businesses, attempting world records in the process and flying high as adventurers, Andre and Mark have mentored many people to success in business and life.

Andre comes from a high level business background. He was one of Europe's largest commodity traders in his mid-twenties before emigrating to Canada to embark on new endeavours. Andre has analysed nearly 300 business plans a year for many years as a certified Family Office Manager. He is as sharp as a tack when it comes to finding a weakness or a strength in a plan. A meeting with Andre might be the closest you will ever come to an appearance on Dragon's Den or Shark's Tank. In these courses Andre will share his current activities on bi-weekly webinars and mentor you in the Inner Circle Program. 

Mark has a different background. At the age of eleven he has his own small business and has not looked back since. Mark's business life created an opportunity for him to reach some significant goals including starting a charity, racing cars around the world, climbing high mountains, flying paragliders and now Flying Cars! Mark is a Master of the Insstitute of Sales Management and a Professional Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Mark will be working with you as a group mentor on the webinar programs and training you with video modules.

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    Introductory Course and access to monthly webinars
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    Learn how to win in Business and Sports
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Products Available In The Membership
  • Get Over Fear
    To help you soar with eagles, Guinness World Record..
    Instructor: Mark Jennings-Bates
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  • Tips for Growth
    Whether you are a start up or a growing business,..
    Instructor: Andre Voskuil
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  • Secrets Of Selling
    Want to know how to sell? Mark Jennings-Bates a..
    Instructor: Mark Jennings-Bates
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