You never know what you are missing until you try. Overcoming fears is a guaranteed way to explore new territory both personally and in business.

Just get over it - is fear holding you back?

This course is designed to help individuals discover a proven process that Guinness World Record adventurer, Mark Jennings-Bates uses to overcome fear. 

Whether in business, life or organisation, the inhibitor to serious growth is nearly always fear. 

Mark will talk about the mental preparation he uses and the tips and tricks he can share to help overcome fear in your life. 

If youa re considering starting a business, growing an existing business or organisation or you simply struggle with fear in one aspect of your life, this course can help you.

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    Mark Jennings-Bates, a championship winning race car driver, global adventurer and entrepreneur shares..
    Instructor: Mark Jennings-Bates
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